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April 1, 2017 - April 30, 2017

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April 1, 2017
April 30, 2017
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April! Summer is approaching, which means there are various festivals and events you can go to. On Bonaire, the highlight event is Simadan! Read below for an overview of what you can do and see on Bonaire in April. For more information, please refer to the website or Facebook page of the event organizer. 

1 April – Cultural Event NOS ZJILEA at Mangazina di Rei

Come to Cultural Event Nos Zjilea at Mangazina di Rei!  Good music, amazing local food, and great vibes attribute to a nice Saturday morning close to Bonaire’s historical center Rincon. From 8AM to 2PM you can see, feel and taste the culture of Bonaire during the monthly cultural event at Mangazina di Rei! The entrance fee is only $1, with which you help Mangazina di Rei conserve Bonaire’s culture and history.

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8 April – Quarterly Cleanup Dive with Dive Friends Bonaire

This is an invitation for all Dive Friends of Bonaire! On Saturday, April 8th, we’re hosting the 2nd quarterly Clean Up Dive of 2017. We’d like to invite you all to come by and help keep Bonaire blue and beautiful! Please help Dive Friends Bonaire get the word out to your friends! Stay up to date through the event on their Facebook page.

2nd Quarterly Clean Up Dive of 2017 & potluck BBQ

More information on this dive (such as location of the dive and starting time etc) will be published here when the date gets closer. At 6:00pm, Dive Friends will be hosting a potluck BBQ for the volunteers at their Hamlet Oasis location. It’s a potluck, so please bring a snack, side-dish or dessert to share and we’ll provide the main course and one beverage. Hope to see you there! If you have any questions, please call 717-2929.

If you can’t make it on Saturday, but are interested in helping with another clean-up project for the eastern coastline, please visit for more information.

14 April – Good Friday

Legal holiday.

16 April – Easter Sunday

Legal holiday.

17 April – Easter Monday – Simadan (harvest) festival in Rincon

Legal holiday.

Simadan stems from Bonaire’s slave days and celebrates the growing season’s harvest (typically March/April). The festive harvest celebration in Bonaire varies from other places, perhaps, as a direct result of the way slaves on Bonaire were treated.

Bonaire’s slaves grew crops for owners and some were permitted personal crops as well, a “liberty” not usually afforded to slaves elsewhere. Personal gains gave Bonairean slaves reason to celebrate at Simadan, while slaves in Curacao, for example, witnessed harvest going only to the owners and lamented instead.

After Bonaire’s slavery abolition in 1863, most slaves received land. Together, families took turns helping to harvest and celebrating the crops throughout Simadan. Similarly today, familes and friends gather to help harvest sorghum and maize, while the farmer supplies food and drink (rum) for the party.

27 April – King’s Day

Legal holiday.

Official birthday celebration of the King of the Netherlands; King Willem Alexander. A day of celebrations and festivities in the Netherlands and the Dutch Caribbean.

30 April – Dia di Rincon (Rincon Day)

Bonaire’s biggest festival of the year; Dia di Rincon! It will all take place in Bonaire’s oldest town Rincon, where in the heart of the town everyone can enjoy the local cuisine, local music and many cultural festivities.