Bonaire is a beautiful island in the Caribbean that offers world-famous scuba diving and snorkeling with its pristine, clear waters. The intimate size of Bonaire allows all our guests – new and returning – to explore everything that we have to offer. In addition to being a diver’s paradise, Bonaire has a wide range of nature and outdoor activities to keep you busy. There is kite boarding and windsurfing in the majestic, blue ocean, kayaking in the mangroves or calm bay and mountain biking or bird watching on land.
As an environmentally-aware community, we take great pride in the preservation of our natural treasures on Bonaire. Whether you live in Bonaire or only come to visit us on a vacation or business trip, you can enjoy the unspoiled and unforgettable experience of our island.

Bonaire is one of the best kept secrets in the Caribbean. Our weather, water, sun and countless number of activities will make your visit unforgettable and make you want to return for more. And the warmth you will feel does not only come from the sun but also the friendly people you will meet.

Learn more about what Bonaire can offer you during your visit – from a relaxed escape or days and nights filled with adventure. Every member of the Bonaire Hotel and Tourism Association – from accommodations, dive operators and restaurants to tour operators, car rental businesses and more – work very hard to provide you with the best experience on Bonaire as possible. We look forward to fulfilling whatever vacation experience you wish.

Event Calendar

February 2016 

6 Carnival Grand Parade Rincon 2016
7 Carnival Grand Parade Kralendijk 2016
8 Carnival Monday 2016 (Official Holiday)
9 Carnival Farewell 2016
The end of the carnival season is marked with a parade ending in Kralendijk followed by the symbolic burning of "King Momito" which takes place on the parking lot of the stadium.
27 Cultural Market at Mangazina di Rei